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Nyruis Smart OutletToday, I want to review the Nyrius Smart Outlet. It is a simple concept – a Bluetooth controlled outlet plug-in used to control a minor appliance. The most obvious use for this product would be a lamp or light of some sort. That is also what I used for mine for, so far.

Nyrius 1

The Good

This smart plug is great for a low price addition to the smart home. At under $15, it is almost a no-brainer. Once plugged in, it connects easily to your smartphone, just like any other Bluetooth device. Then, download the Nyrius app and you are ready to go. It allows for the standard functions that you would expect from a smart plug controller. It allows for timers to power on and off the plugged in product.

Furthermore, the Nyrius adds the ability to use the bluetooth connected device as a remote for the plugged-in product. It also allows for the naming of plugs, that way you can operate more than one. Finally, it allows for Bluetooth sensing. This means that the product will turn on and off when the presence of your paired mobile device is detected. This is awesome for a light that you would like to come on when you arrive home and turn off automatically when you leave.

The Bad

Well not so bad, but worth mentioning. The Nyrius Smart Plug only stays connected to one mobile device. If you connect with another Bluetooth device, say your wife’s iPhone, then it knocks the first user off. The timers and all still function as set but the Bluetooth sensing gets bumped. Also, the Bluetooth connection on this device is very strong. I hooked up a lamp in the bathroom on the complete opposite side of my home and it turned on when I walked in the other side door and did not turn off until I was in the car down the street a bit.

The Smart

Final decision on the Nyrius Smart Outlet is that it would be perfect for a college kid or someone who lives alone, since it functions best with a connection to one mobile device. The ability to set up multiple timers makes this great for the traveler also – to make the home look like someone is there. Finally, at that price point – you really can’t go wrong.

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Disclosure: I was provided a sample unit for trial purposes, but the opinion here is my own.

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