PLUG Is the New Mother of All Portable Batteries

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I’m a fan of ChargeTech—I’m still carrying their ChargeAll portable battery around with me everywhere I go. Its 18,000 mAh capacity is enough to keep me going on my laptop for plenty of extra hours, and it’ll recharge my phone many, many times. It’s very nice piece of mind for a portable worker like me.

But battery technology keeps evolving, and where I was totally impressed by what 18,000 mAh could do for me, the folks at ChargeTech are moving forward with a new portable battery that makes that look like a pair of AAs.

They’re launching the Indigogo campaign today for the PLUG. The plug is just a little bit bigger than my ChargeAll; it adds an extra AC outlet (total of 2 now), and it’s a bit thicker. But with that extra space, they’ve bumped the storage capacity up to an AMAZING 48,000 mAh! That’s actually enough to run a desktop computer for a couple hours, and a bunch of other stuff for a heck of a lot longer. They’re also offering a portable solar panel so you can charge the PLUG outdoors, and use it for pass-through power. You can go mobile with complete confidence that you’ll never run out of power.

Go hit the Indiegogo campaign now. You can get one PLUG for $199, a PLUG and a solar panel for $349, and multiples for some nice discounts.

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