Philips Hue SmartSwitch bulbs feature preset color settings for different situations

Even Smarter Lighting From Philips Hue

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The Hue system from Philips Lighting continues to become more robust as a part of many Internet of Things (IoT) installations – up to 50 lights and accessories can be connected to a single Philips Hue bridge. A recent addition to the Philips Hue family adds functionality that previously required communicating with a separate IoT system to add “smart place” functions.

The small Philips Hue Motion Sensor is just over 2-inches square and runs on a pair of AAA batteries. The sensor connects to the Hue hub using the Zigbee Light Link protocol – saving your precious Wi-Fi bandwidth. Thanks to the small size, the Motion Sensor can be placed nearly anywhere, screwed to a wall or even attached with a magnet.

Programming the motion sensor through the Hue application allows a multitude of settings well beyond the expected motion detection. Different settings can be triggered depending on the time of day; for example, a crisp white light during the day and a gentle glow at night to avoid disturbing others who might be sleeping. Alternatively, lights can be programmed to only turn on when the integrated daylight sensor determines that additional lighting is needed.

Philips Hue bulbs get even smarter with a Motion Sensor
Philips Hue bulbs get even smarter with a Motion Sensor
Image Credit: Philips Lighting

The Philips Hue Motion Sensor is available for pre-order and will be released on October 2, 2016. Pre-order now from Amazon: Philips Hue Motion SensorDirect Link to Amazon

Philips Hue SmartSwitch bulbs feature preset color settings for different situations
Philips SceneSwitch bulbs feature preset color settings for different situations
Image Credit: Philips Lighting

Adding to the selection of LED lamps in the Philips Lighting family is the SceneSwitch bulb, designed to easily give users access to three distinct color settings that are most appropriate for different situations. The bulb switches instantly between daylight (5000K), soft white light (2700K) and a warm glow (2200K) – perfectly completing nearly any activity.

A new feature of the Philips SceneSwitch (compared to Philips Hue bulbs) is the ability to use a standard switch to cycle through the three settings in an existing fixture. This new ability enables users to quickly set the desired ambiance for any task. The last setting is memorized if the switch is turned off for more than six seconds, allowing the user return to the most current lighting scene.

The Philips SceneSwitch is not a connected bulb and is independent from the Philips Hue ecosystem. SceneSwitch bulbs adapt existing light switches to deliver three distinct light settings — allowing consumers to use the bulbs straight from the box without the using an app or internet connection.

Our research shows that consumers have strong opinions about the type of light they prefer in their homes and to support particular activities. Yet, three in five people report that they do not know exactly what light bulb best fulfills their needs. Philips SceneSwitch ultimately takes the guesswork out of choosing the right light with its three settings in the single bulb.
— Nathan Marafioti, LED business lead, North America, Philips Lighting

Philips SceneSwitch bulbs are available through Home Depot for just $8.97 each. Philips SceneSwitch BulbDirect Link to Home Depot

The innovations from Philips Lighting make every new smart device added to the Hue system more valuable as part of an Internet of Things installation, either as a stand-alone smart lighting system or as part of a larger connected network of devices (perhaps Samsung’s SmartThings or Amazon’s Echo aka “Alexa”).

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