Vroom Makes Buying a Car As Easy As Playing Pokemon (Sponsored)

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Vroom delivers your car.

As geeks, we’re always looking to technology and the internet to make previously annoying tasks easier and, if possible, achievable with a minimum of face time. Buying a pre-owned car has not traditionally been a great experience, and can be full of anxiety and distraction with your kids in tow. Usually you’re dealing with local businesses, and the quality of service and of the cars themselves can be very hit-or-miss. Companies like CarMax have upped the game a bit by nationalizing their procedures, allowing buyers to search their site for cars that are available in their greater geographical area, and by proving higher levels of service and confidence. But they are at heart still a brick-and-mortar venture adding overhead to their pricing to cover the stores they build all over the country and the staff they pay to run them and sell their product. You’d think there would be a better choice?

Our sponsor today, Vroom, is that better choice.

Browse their extensive selection of pre-owned cars.

With Vroom, you browse their selection of pre-owned cars online, verify that the price is right, pay for it (you can secure financing with Vroom’s partners or on your own), and then the car is delivered right to your door (in a nifty glass-sided truck) anywhere in the lower 48 states. It’s that simple. No trudging down to dealerships and haggling with salespeople who work on commission.

And you can rest assured that the cars are in excellent condition because of their “Supremely Certified” process: 1. They only carry cars that have never, ever been in an accident; 2. They put every car through a 126-point inspection by an ASE-Certified Master Technician; 3. They put every car through a “Supreme Reconditioning,” to insure it looks and drives as close to new as possible.

And yet, their prices can still be lower than other outlets because they don’t have to maintain retail outlets. All the reconditioning is done at their central facility, where consistent quality can be maintained and they don’t need a sales staff.

You can also trade in your own car, or just sell it to them, in the same easy way. Just take pictures of your vehicle, answer a series of questions, and they’ll make you an offer that may be better than anything you’d get locally.

This is really the way buying cars ought to work.

And if all this has you interested, we have one more incentive for you to try Zoom: a code for $250 cash back from your car purchase. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your car, go through the online process to choose payment type, submit a trade-in (if desired) and set up delivery.
  2. When you receive an email or phone call from your customer representative, mention you were referred by GeekDad/GeekMom and give him or her your promo code (VIPPHX14).
  3. You will receive a $250 cash card 2-3 weeks after your car is delivered!

Ready to try a whole new way of buying a car? Check out Vroom today!

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