More Pokémon Variants (And Enemies) Revealed in Newest Trailer

Reading Time: 1 minute
Black Metal Marowak
All Hail Black Metal Marowak!

The new Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer has everything you want–assuming what you want is more new Pocket Monsters, more Alola variants, and a brand new enemy team. (Which, of course, you do!)

On display this time around are newbies like the flighty but fierce Wishiwashi and the vomitous Pyukumuku, not to mention the fresh new baddies of Team Skull. We are also treated to three new Alola variants, which I have lovingly rechristened Fancy Grandma Meowth, Sun-Kissed Raichu, and the trve kvlt, corpse paint-wearing Black Metal Marowak!

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