Kickstarter VG 080416

5x Video and 5x Tabletop: 10 Awesome New Gaming Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter VG 080416
That Day We Left – A narrative game about the refugee crisis

Seek safety for your family in Europe in an epic quest of an all-to-real kind.



Lots of buzz for this arena shootout featuring adorable robots.


FutureKat SuperPark

It’s a “VR jogger” (?) with a clear motto: “Keep it simple. Keep it stupid.”


Eliosis Hunt

These Brazilian developers did their own motion capture. Lovely graphics.


The Founder: A Dystopian Business Simulator

It’s about making the world a better place better than anyone else.



Kickstarter TTG 080416
Warrior Clash — Strategy Game for the Whole Family

Draft the greatest warriors of all time—Apaches, Maoris, Zulus…


Isle of Monsters — a monster wrangling game for 2-5 players

A novel multiplayer board setup underpins this game.


The Lords of Rock

A battle of the bands starring the gods of music—as in, actual gods.


Final Act

This tank-battle game was designed by an actual tank commander.


The Magical Land of Yeld 

A terribly cute RPG from the Modest Medusa webcomic artist and his brother.

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