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I’m a big fan of DMScotty and his method for creating 2.5D tiles… not completely flat (2D) and not tall (3D) either. With short walls so players and GM can more easily see and reach over to move their miniatures, 2.5D tiles are an inexpensive solution as well as easy to make. DMScotty’s method uses cork board and painting… lots of painting. The end results are amazing looking — just take a look at some of DMScotty’s tutorial videos (1 and 2 and 3) to see what’s possible.


If you’re interested in creating some 2.5D tiles but maybe lack the time or paint, however, Glenn McClune with AdventureCraft has come up with an alternative solution that’s currently raising funds over at Kickstarter. It’s called TileMorphs, and you can get a large collection of amazing terrain tiles for just $15.00. These 2″ x 2″ tiles come six to a page (PDF); print and cut them out and build your dungeons immediately or glue the cut out images to cardboard or foam core for a heavier, more durable option.


The Kickstarter will end on September 6, 2016. You can view all the tile options on the TileMorphs Kickstarter page.

Note: A big thanks to Glenn for providing me with some samples (Deep Cavern and Starlight Tower).

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