What If You Could Rent LEGO Kits – Netbricks Is Here! (Sponsored)

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Imagine running around the LEGO store and grabbing anything you want off the shelves.

That’d be great, right? People love playing with LEGO sets – especially rare, popular ones like the Death Star.

The problem is, LEGOs are expensive. Sets like the Millennium Falcon can cost thousands of dollars! And once you’ve built a set, it just sits there. It becomes less exciting.


Check this out – our sponsor today is a company called Netbricks, which has created the ‘Netflix’ of LEGOs: you can rent ANY set, anytime! They literally have thousands of awesome LEGO sets. As a Netbricks member, you can pick out any sets you want and they’ll be shipped directly to your door. Monthly plans are based on the total value of the sets you want to borrow, meaning even at the lowest plan you could have one or two really big sets, or maybe a bunch of smaller sets. And the variety of sets available is likely way more than what’s on sale at your local toy store.

It’s a fantastic service for parents who want to keep their kids constantly entertained without buying new sets all the time.

Check them out. It’s the futuristic LEGO-building experience you’ve been dreaming about.


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