Daily Deals 070816

Daily Deals on Homebrew Beer Kits, Power Outlets For Your Car

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 070816

Ever wanted to try brewing beer at home, but the expensive gear and complex recipes kept you at bay? The Mr. Beer kit is the perfect way to dip your tow in the world of homebrew. And today, the special European Brews starter kit is on sale for the amazing price of $40!

Time for a road trip with the family, but wish your laptop could last for the whole ride so people could play games or watch movies to pass the time? Pick up one of these inverters that changes the 12V power your car generates while running and feeds to the old-style lighter ports, into good old 120V AC so you can plug any standard power plug into it and keep going (added bonus: it has high-Amp USB outlets built in as well!). It’s on sale today for $22.

The next Amazon Prime Day is coming on July 12th, and the deals should be amazing. If you’ve been putting it off, maybe now is the time to finally try Amazon Prime out. You’ll save the annual cost easily with deals on shipping, streaming media, and special daily deals.


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  1. I’d recommend staying away from the Mr.Beer line of products, even for beginners. Brewing doesn’t take much in terms of equipment and you can definitely get more for your money elsewhere. Especially for the Geekdad, it’s worth it to do a little online research into homebrewing and visit your local homebrew shop if you’re really interested. If you don’t have a local shop most of the bigger online retailers have info available. I’d start here:


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