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The Onyx is a one-button wearable device that makes keeping groups connected simple. The two-inch diameter disk (only .63 inch thick) pairs with the user’s mobile device and provides instant voice communications between users anywhere they have a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. It is a wearable, smart, worldwide, always-on walkie-talkie… sort of like a real-life version of Captain Picard’s communicator.

Operation of the Onyx is incredibly simple, just press the face while talking and release when done–the voice message is broadcast live to all group members who are active. Different groups are set via the app and different conversations can be held for each group. The Onyx uses Bluetooth LE technology to connect with iOS and Android devices and communicates using the data connection of the device.

Onyx communicator
Onyx communicator
Image Credit: Orion

It is fairly easy to conceive of great uses for the Onyx:

  • Team leaders at events.
  • Businesses looking to seamlessly connect teams in real-time.
  • Parents coordinating with each other and their children.
  • Sports fans that want to connect at the stadium and cheer (or taunt) each other despite distance.
  • A smart version of the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” LifeAlert device.
  • Recreational teams (like runners or cyclists) who would benefit from being in contact with each other on the road.

Future versions could have their own data connection, making it a stand-alone device (and even closer to a TNG communicator). Or have a “ruggedized” case. Or a multitude of other variations that could make the Onyx a must-have device.

Voice is often our most natural communication tool. With the new Onyx, we start with the ease and intuitiveness of voice and amplify its effectiveness with the versatility and range afforded by modern technology. This brings us one step further in our vision to create the most streamlined communication experience ever available on the market.
–Jesse Robbins, Orion Co-Founder & CEO

Onyx communicator has color options
Onyx communicator has color options
Image Credit: Orion

The design of the Onyx is just as innovative as it’s technology. Along with its diminutive size, it features a unique clip that allows it to be worn on a shirt, jacket, or as a necklace or connected to a bag strap–easily changing to fit the situation. The control of the Onyx is as simple as twisting the face and the only indicators are a series of tiny lights. Programming and group management is all done through the application.

More information about the Onyx is available at orionlabs.io–along with special, limited-time introductory pricing.

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