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Captain America letterman

The GeekDad/GeekMom community is home to many amazing cosplayers, crafters, and makers… but I ain’t one of them. This is a fact of which I am unceasingly reminded—especially around Comic-Con time when I have to watch folks like GeekDad Will flagrantly display their dedication and talent. (Curse you, Will, you magnificent beast!)

Still, convention season will soon be over, and, shortly thereafter, cooler weather will arrive. And then it’s my time to shine! You see, why I might not have a firm handle on the whole sewing thing, a fine eye for series-accurate authenticity, or a certain artistic flair, what I do have is an extensive fall wardrobe.

My latest addition came compliments of specialty clothier Angel Jackets. Angel Jackets, obviously, sells jackets, but, while there is any number of classic designs available, their offerings tend to skew toward celebrity reproductions and fandom-friendly fare.

Their products run the gamut from leather goods from a galaxy far, far away to simple hero-inspired hoodies, but I was particularly interested in their selection of varsity jackets. Angel Jackets was nice enough to provide for me the Captain America Letterman Jacket, a design that treads the line between preppy chic and fanboy fashion.

Construction-wise, this jacket is composed of cotton and polyester, a sturdy blend that, unlike the more traditional wool, makes it easier to launder while still providing solid durability. It also forgoes the royal blue of Cap’s uniform in favor of a subtler navy with heather grey sleeves. These are securely double-stitched and coordinate nicely with similar grey accents on the front welt pockets.

Its collar, cuffs, and waistband are a vibrant red and white, and the high-polish of its snap closures adds another bit of understated flare. The left breast embroidery is an image of Captain American’s shield, this time, complete with the original royal blue of the symbol’s center intact, which helps it stand out. Rather than white, it uses slightly metallic grey stitching for the star and central stripe, which again both coordinates and catches the eye.

Currently priced at $49, the Captain America Letterman Jacket is a handsome, comfortable piece of medium-weight outerwear that should serve you well as summer days slide into autumn evenings. If Cap isn’t your guy, you can also choose from designs featuring Iron Man, Batman, Superman, and even Deadpool.

The only caveat to this recommendation? Check your sizing. With their generous cut, these jackets run a little broader across the chest than your usual hoodie, so don’t be afraid to do the math and size down if you, like me, live in that strange area in-between traditional sizing.

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