5x Video and 5x Tabletop: 10 Awesome New Gaming Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter VG 062916
System Shock

The seminal 3D FPS horror game from 1994 is reborn in Unity.



Explore a witch/wizard school, hear music from the composers for Steven Universe.


Buck 2D Post Apocalyptic Noir Action Adventure Game

Noir adventures with Buck, a dog who fights and talks his way through junkyards.


Xydonia – Action Packed Japanese Inspired Retro SHMUP

A love letter to the Japanese arcade classics of the ’90s.


Wizard of Legend

What are Chaos Trials and how do we partake of one?



Kickstarter TTG 062916

Imps Devilish Duels: A Dice & Card Battle Game

Because who wouldn’t like a team of mischievous imps on their side?


Temp Worker Assassins

“Steal as much stationery and kill as many full-time employees as possible.”



Ancient wars, high-tech weapons, and 1,000 cards.


Caverns & Crystals: Rule the Rock! (Return)

They say it’s the only game of tribal asteroid dominance, and we believe them.



Like something out of 1980s-Saturday-morning-commercials-land.

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