Daily Deals 010617

Save Big on Jump Vacuum Seal Bags, Mermaid Blankets, and Bumble Bee Hoodies – Daily Deals!

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Daily Deals 010617

Because in the vacuum of space, no one has trouble fitting spare pillows in the linen closet! Just like we vacuum seal food for long-term freezing or sous-vide cooking, so to can we vacuum seal other items for efficient, mildew-free storage. These jumbo-sized 30″ x 40″ bags with easy-sealing ends and a special valve so you can use your standard vacuum-cleaner hose to suck out the air, will scrunch most contents down to their airless minimum size, and keep them fresh as long as you need them. Wonder if we could sous vide a turkey with one of these? Today’s Deals: Get a pack of 6 bags for just $13 today!

For the aspiring mermaid/merman in your family, this comfy blanket will keep your legs and feet warm in and aquatic style that’s as far away from being a slanket as possible. Today’s Deals: Both kids and adult sizes available starting as low as $16.

This could be the definition of cute. Pick up this deal on bumble bee hoodie (sale size is for little ones in the 4-6 age/size range, but there are other sizes available) for just $27 today!


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