10 Amazing New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter GDGT 071516

Jooki – The Jukebox for Kids

Lets kids use tokens instead of screens to play their favorite songs/playlists.

Mogees Play – a new way to make music and play games

This Kickstarter alum is back with a sticky sensor that’s for more than music.

LIGEO – Versatile & self-expressive LED lights

Snap-together light bars make it easy to build custom fixtures.

Zafirro. Sapphire Blade Razor.

Ultrasharp blades are meant to last 6-12 months, cutting down on waste.

The Billie Amp – Stereo Strikes Back

Vacuum tubes and Bluetooth in the same box.

Puck.js – the ground-breaking Bluetooth beacon

This magic button comes with JavaScript inside.
Octospot – World’s Greatest Action Camera for Diving

The pressure sensor adjusts the white balance as you go deeper.

PIXU – Immortalize you, your loved ones on 8BIT Bricks

South Korean artist maps out portraits on a LEGO-ish grid.

Save the Chinese Typewriter

A language with 70,000 characters and no alphabet? On a typewriter? No sweat.

Release a Forgotten Film by a Master of Silent Cinema

A subreddit bands together to restore and preserve endangered films.

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