Yvolution Neon Street Rollers

Wheels on the Go: Yvolution Neon Street Rollers

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Yvolution Neon Street Rollers
Yvolution Neon Street Rollers attach easily to nearly any shoes. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

My kids love being on wheels—both of my older girls participate in a junior roller derby league and are quite comfortable on skates. But you can’t just wear your skates anywhere—they’re bulky, and it takes time to swap out between indoor and outdoor wheels. They have also had Heelys, those shoes with wheels built into the heels, but one daughter outgrew hers very quickly.

Neon Street Rollers
The base has an adjustable width that ratchets down to fit the shoe. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

Yvolution Neon Street Rollers are a cool way to bring your wheels with you, even as your shoe size changes. Each one has two wheels and attaches to the heel of your shoe and then straps over the top. The wheels themselves are similar to those you’d find on scooters or Rollerblades, and they light up when they spin. There’s a heel plate that goes under your shoe; the width is adjustable and locks into place. An elastic band with a decorative rubber flap goes over the top of the shoe and hooks back onto the plate. Once the straps have been adjusted to the right size for the first time, it’s a matter of seconds to pop them on or off.

And then, off you go:

Like Heelys, the Neon Street Rollers take a little practice: with only two wheels, you have to learn how to balance on your heels. Too far forward, and the front of your foot touches and you stop. Too far back, and you fall on your butt. (You can see in the video above that my older daughter—the one whose shoe size didn’t change for two years—got a lot more practice on her Heelys prior to getting the Neon Street Rollers.) The nice thing about them, compared to roller skates, is that you can walk if you need to. My kids tell me that these are also easier to use than Heelys, too—the wheels are larger than Heelys and are on either side of your heel, rather than entirely under your foot.

Yvolution Neon Street Rollers
Neon Street Rollers. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

The one complaint the kids had was that, depending on the shoes they were wearing, that sometimes the sides of the heel plate pinched the sides of their feet through the shoes.

The Neon Street Rollers retail for $29.99 and come in pink, blue, and green. Unfortunately, they don’t make them for average-sized adults—they have a maximum weight limit of 132 pounds. They’re available directly from the official website, or can be found at retailers like Toys R Us and Walmart. They’re perfect for scooting around now that school’s out!

Disclosure: I received two sets of Neon Street Rollers for review purposes.


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