Rep Your Race/Class Anywhere With Norse Foundry Adventurer Pins

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RPG race pins
image: Norse Foundry

I have already opined (on a couple of occasions) how much I like the tabletop accessories from Norse Foundry. Their metal dice sets and RPG coins are an easy and affordable way to step up your current campaign or regular game night. Still, oddly enough, my new favorite product is more easily employed away from the gaming table.

Norse Foundry’s Adventurer Pins are fun, simple wearables that let you represent your preferred fantasy gaming race and class on your favorite shirt, workbag, or battle vest. Whether your character choice is traditional (Half-Elf Ranger, Halfling Rogue) or more idiosyncratic (Dragonborn Monk is totally a thing, y’all!), Norse Foundry has you covered.

RPG class pins
image: Norse Foundry

Perfectly small and shiny, these pins retail for $7 a pop, but Norse Foundry’s 2 Pin Deal lets you choose one race pin and one class pin for a discounted $10. Whether you’re looking to let your geek flag fly in the workplace or surprise your D&D-loving pop with a unique Father’s Day gift, Adventurer Pins are just what you’ve been looking for.

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