Kicking Off Biking Season With Dynacraft’s New Hello Kitty Bike

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Hello Kitty bike
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When I was a kid, Summer was all about biking. My bike was my ticket to explore. With my own gang of neighborhood friends I’d pedal up and down the street, venturing down new roads and outlets and feeling my first breeze of independence. Dawn until dusk, my bike was an essential appendage.

I could wax poetic about my bike all day.

Nowadays, I experience that same joy through the eyes of my kids. When given the option to play outside, no matter how much awesome tech, how many new video games or the innumerable options of TV and streaming devices in my home, my two girls will choose the outdoors 100% of the time. So, as we approach Summer and my 5-year-old begins her transition from preschooler to kindergartner, the time has come for a new bike.

Dynacraft’s new 14″ Hello Kitty bike proved the perfect choice. It’s durable, affordable ($79.99) and sturdy. The adjustable size and easy-to-remove training wheels make it a great bike to grow with. My daughter is very close to being confident enough to ride sans training wheels, and the ease of taking the bikes wheels on and off is nice considering all of the times she changes her mind about giving two-wheels a go. She’ll get there soon enough.

Hello Kitty bike
Image via Dynacraft

When she does finally get to that point, the easy-to-adjust seat and handlebar heights will ensure her comfort. Best of all, the bike was an easy build out of the box, taking only minutes to construct. The bike’s pink and white polka dots, Hello Kitty handlebar bag, and detailed design are adorable. She even has a Hello Kitty helmet from Bell to match.

I find Hello Kitty to be such an odd brand. It’s a mega-brand. It’s hard not to notice that Hello Kitty is everywhere and on virtually every kind of product. My girls have always gravitated towards the brand, but I just don’t get it. I can’t tell if their love of Hello Kitty comes from its familiar anime style or is simply the result of product indoctrination. Maybe I’m old. Nonetheless, they love it.

The fact is, owning a bike is itself a treasure. Just today, my daughter looked out the window and shouted at her older sister, who, at the time, was riding the bike. I asked her why she cared if her sister was riding it and she simply said, “because my bike is special to me.” I totally understand. As I said, my kids love outdoor play. We just bought our first home. For the first time, they have a neighborhood full of kids, their own bike gang, and that truly is special. As a family, we spend a lot of time at a nearby park that was once a WWII airfield. The old runways make great bike paths, and you better believe we’ll be spending a lot of time there this Summer.

That’s the magic of biking. The magic of Summer. The magic of outdoor play. As great as my memories may be of biking in the ’80s, trying to be as cool as Eliot from E.T., nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching my own kids pedal down the street, making their own memories.

Note: Dynacraft provided a bike for review purposes.

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