Celebrate Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ 25th Anniversary

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BeautyandtheBeast-CoverDisney’s Beauty and the Beast will be coming to Digital HD on September 6th and to Blu-ray and DVD on September 20th to coincide with its 25th Anniversary.

Beauty and the Beast is our family’s favorite Disney princess movie, and our DVD is pretty well-worn and watched (thankfully the scratches haven’t caused any viewing problems yet), but we can’t wait to not only have the visually beautiful Blu-ray version, but we do a lot of traveling and having Digital HD versions of movies is always a big help (especially on airplanes).

This announcement also just stokes our fires for the upcoming live-action version of the movie as well. They’ve been pretty hit or miss for me, but the cast is made up of some of my favorite actors (Ewan McGregor and Emma Watson in the same movie!), and we’re really looking forward to it as well.

Pre-order your copy of Beauty and the Beast Anniversary Edition now to make sure you have it on release day!

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