Kickstarter TTG 062316

11 Excellent New Gaming Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter VG 062316

Dead Bug Creek

Oddball VR adventure game, inspired by childhood escapades in a desert town.


Dire Vengeance 

The boss with the gigantic sword-tongue is pretty freaky.


Aik – a surrealistic 2D game

Solve puzzles and unlock background fragments to complete the story.


Lil Bub’s Hello Earth, a retro 8-bit mobile video game

The internet’s favorite feline explores space in her very own mobile game.


Wake the Dragon

Avenge a wrongful death in this journey of explosions, knocked-out teeth, and a bull terrier.




Kickstarter TTG 062316

Matter swirls around a newborn star, colliding to create a unique solar system, and a beautiful board game experience.


Rocky Road a la Mode from Green Couch Games

The ice-cream-truck business can be brutally territorial.


Armoured Syndicate

Post-apocalyptic skirmish game that promises some very sweet mechs.



Card game with gorgeous art that recalls Brian Froud’s Faeries.


Dungeonesque: Red and White Box Sets 5e RPG

A new-school fantasy RPG in an old-school box.


Neverlands Legacy

Co-op board game that pits Peter Pan against Captain Hook and crew!

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