The Marvel TV Universe Comes to Atlantic City Boardwalk Con

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With winners chosen for our giveaway (check your e-mail, readers), you may be wondering why we are mentioning the Atlantic City Boardwalk con again. Isn’t it enough to know that there will be a great con at 1 Convention Boulevard 5/13-15? Yes well, now they have two new guests, both of whom are featured in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

What has Rosario Dawson not been in? But right now her most geek-tacular role is as Claire Temple. As Claire, Dawson has been a thread between Daredevil and AKA Jessica Jones, reminding viewers they’re watching a shared universe. Now you can meet her in person, assuming you’ll be there Saturday, 5/14/

Source: ACBC
Source: ACBC

You may know Ming-Na Wen as MulanĀ or from Syfy Channel’s Eureka or Stargate, but right now she’s kicking tush and taking names on Marvel’s Agents of SH.I.E.L.D. As the awesome Agent May, Ming-Na has been absolutely killing it this season. She’ll be ACBC on Sunday the 15th.

Source: ACBC
Source: ACBC

You know who else will be there that Sunday? Me. Keep an eye out and say ‘hi.’ Oh, and also lots of other comic and television guests. But seriously folks, aren’t I more interesting?

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