Oak to Host Dungeons and Dragons Epic at SoonerCon

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Image: Rory Bristol
Image: Rory Bristol

If you’ve been considering SoonerCon 25, you now have another tic in favor of enjoying yourself: SoonerCon will feature the thrilling D&D adventure “Epic Reclamation of Phlan.” Hosted by Oak (DM of the year 2014), the Epic will run alongside the regular Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer’s League events, also hosted by Oak!

For anyone not familiar with the Adventurer’s League, it is a D&D setting that allows players to go to games all over the known world. As long as it’s an Adventurer’s League event, you can always bring your character to where the action is, without needing to roll a new character every time. All you have to do is bring your character sheet and adventure log, and you can jump in any time. If you’d like to participate in the “Epic Reclamation of Phlan,” Sign up using the button on Oakstaff Games.

From Oakstaff Games:

We are excited to be able to host Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League (DDAL) content once again at SoonerCon! This year we have a special addition; we will be running the Epic Reclamation of Phlan, in addition to our normal games.

If you’re new to Dungeons and Dragons, check out the D&D website to learn more. Happy adventuring to all.

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