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Images: ThinkGeek
Images: ThinkGeek

How long are towels supposed to last? Especially if you’ve used them pretty much since birth? Yeah, it was definitely time to replace my kids’ towels and beach towels. They’ve taken heavy use over the past decade-plus, being now mere fractions of towels in thickness. So why not replace them with something new that reflects their favorite fandoms?

My 15-year-old daughter is crazy into Star Trek. (And I continually jump with joy at this fact.) Spock is her favorite, of course. She’s worked her way through TOS, TNG, and is now halfway through DS9. So, naturally, her new towels would be Star Trek towels.

My 12-year-old son has several favorite fandoms, but one of the longest lasting has been Doctor Who. (Because awesome.) He’s consumed it in TV form, book form, and everything else form. And now he consumes it in towel form. Because TARDIS.

ThinkGeek, my favorite place to find nerdy accoutrements for my life, sells a variety of towels in geeky styles. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Captain America, video games, and more can be yours in a cozy form with which to dry your body. Bath towel sets and beach towels, both, are available.

Bath Towel Sets

Each bath towel set comes with a bath towel (50″x27″), a hand towel (16″x27″), and a face towel (12″x12″). They are 100% cotton (except for the decoration on them), and are officially licensed products. It looks like they’re meant to be washed on warm (30 degrees C), but the website says cold, and dried on low. These sets are soft, fuzzy-feeling, and high quality. Like my kids, I do think my favorites are the Star Trek and Doctor Who sets.

Images: ThinkGeek
Images: ThinkGeek

Beach Towels

Also officially licensed, these 100% cotton (other than decoration) towels measure about 59″x29.5″. Not quite long enough for your whole body to stretch out, but that’s okay; your feet can hang over into the sand, right? Show off your geeky interests this summer while you wrap yourself in the U.S.S. Enterprise, or maybe an exploding TARDIS. These have the same washing instructions as the bath towel sets, and are less fluffy than the sets above, which you’d expect from a beach towel. They are still incredibly soft. There’s no feeling quite like a brand new towel.

What do my kids think? They are thrilled to be replacing their “little kid” towels with something that they can get excited about every time they take a shower or go swimming. The extra detailing on the bath towels, in particular, makes it extra special for them.

The Bath Towel Sets ($49.99) and the Beach Towels ($19.99) are perfect ways to refresh your bathroom and your summer jaunts to the beach or pool. Check out ThinkGeek‘s towel offerings; there’s bound to be one that appeals to you. Plus, tomorrow is Towel Day, so don’t be caught unprepared.

(Said in my best voiceover announcer voice: Wash before use.)

Note: I received samples for review purposes.

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