Kickstarter GDGT 051916

Eight Excellent New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter GDGT 051916
Nura: Headphones that learn and adapt to your unique hearing

Listens to the sound coming out of your ear to adjust the sound going in.


The most mysterious star in the Galaxy

Let’s learn more about the star that got everyone talking about “alien megastructures.”


Knocki: Make Any Surface Smart

Detects knocks and taps on a table or wall, so you can control lights or anything else.



A transparent 3D-printed electric violin that would blow Stradivarius’s mind.


Trainerbot: Smart Ping Pong Robot

You’ll never be without a ping-pong partner again.


Pal Strap – GPS & Extended Battery Strap For Pebble Time

Another creator building on top of Pebble’s Smartstraps hardware platform.


Field Phone Open Source Production

For use in “a crisis, such as neighborhood defense against rampaging zombie hordes.”


Authority Figure

A performance that asks the audience to think about surveillance, big data, and policing.

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