Daily Deals on Pressure Cookers, Touchless Trash Cans, and Spirograph!

Daily Deals 050516

I’m a huge proponent of pressure cookers, and the modern electronic cookers make the whole process very easy (and very safe). Today, the very popular InstantPot electronic pressure cooker is on sale for 20% off, so pick one up and make some amazing food, fast!

The kitchen trash can is one of the main collectors of grime and bacteria in your house, especially with kids around. So a trash can that opens without touch is a perfect idea to avoid colds and other problems. And today, the iTouchless 13-gallon trash can is on sale for just $48!

Who didn’t love Spirograph when we were kids (or kids-at-heart)? The classic Spirograph is still available, and on sale today for just $17!


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