Crazy Foam: Neat or Nostalgia?

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If you’re my age (lemme tell you about the Cold War, son), you might remember Crazy Foam. For the young’uns, imagine shaving cream that you washed with. Sounds basic, right? My parents never let me have any – good old bar soap was enough for me. So when I found out the brand was back and they offered me a few to review, I thought I’d give it a shot. And for those wondering why this counts as geeky at all, check the ad out. Crazy Foam uses “collectible” caps. So it looks like Batman is spewing foam at you.

Firstly, let me express my shock. They sent a case, you guys. That’s a lot of foam. And I am glad that they did. See, the first step was handing the foam to my five-year-old to see what he thought.

You would have thought I had handed him a new car.

For the next few days, he was coming home and specifically asking to take a foam bath. I got to listen to him explain that the Flash foam was better than the Superman foam, but the Wonder Woman foam was okay (Note: All the foams inside are EXACTLY THE SAME). He convinced his teenage sister to have a “foam fight” with him (use goggles, people!), and when we flew to Texas for a week he insisted on taking a canister.

The downsides are that it’s not really good as a shampoo (“I don’t need dat shampoo, I have mah foam!”), and if your kid is unsupervised he may use half a can in one sitting. In my kid’s case he also decided to see how it tasted (“but…it suhmell so gud!”). Also, I kinda wish it came in more than one scent or color.

If you’re not into the Justice League, there are plenty of other Crazy Foam licenses (Looney Tunes, plus their own characters, for example). But how can you not want to take a bath with The Flash?

Note: Crazy Foam provided free review units

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