ConQuest First Officer's Log  Used With Permission

Con*Quest Star Trek Journals Available on Kickstarter!

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ConQuest First Officer's Log \ Used With Permission
ConQuest First Officer’s Log \ Used With Permission

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek The Original Series, Con*Quest Journals are boldly going where no journal has before with their latest Star Trek Original Series journal collection. To kick off the 50th anniversary of the series, Con*Quest is hosting a Kickstarter project for their limited edition 50th anniversary Officers Log. Each journal comes with 20 pages (10 front and back printed), four sleeves, and a business card page. If you need more than 20 pages, hit up their website for extra pages you can toss in.

I’ve had the privilege of checking out their classic journal and it remains one of my favorite convention tools. It’s more than a scrapbook for pictures. It’s a journal for your entire convention experience. Instead of having a stack of business cards or random papers that are thrust upon us at every con, I have a neat journal with pages dedicated to the business cards, pockets for the vendor coupons / ads I wanted to keep as well as pages for notes at panels, autographs, and pictures.

If you prefer a different look to your journal, Con*Quest also offers journals in various other fandoms including Doctor Who, Walking Dead, and Supernatural. Or if you have a love of all fandoms, the classic journal goes with everything.

Pledges with shippable rewards start at $12 and that gets you a screen printed tote bag that will fit your future Con*Quest journal. To get a journal itself you will need to pledge at least $22.

The Kickstarter for the Limited Edition 50th Anniversary First Officers Log runs through June 4th with orders being shipped July if not sooner.

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