Something New, Lucy Knisley

Bounded Enthusiasm #18: Lucy Knisley and ‘Something New’

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Something New, Lucy Knisley

Earlier this week I promised an interview with Lucy Knisley, and here it is!

I included Knisley’s latest book, Something New, in my Stack Overflow column on Monday, and it’s a really terrific book chronicling her adventures in wedding planning. We talked about what it’s like to write a book while planning a wedding and what it’s like to hide a pregnant belly in an autobiographical cartoon.

Something New is in stores now, and I highly recommend it, whether you’ve planned a wedding or been in one or have no plans to have one. I love the way that Knisley is able to capture these scenes from her life and turn them into an engaging story. And the book is published by First Second Books, so it’s just gorgeous.

Note to parents: I think the book is appropriate for teens and up. The book includes some serious grown-up conversations about getting married and decisions about whether to have kids, which younger readers may or may not care about, but there’s nothing you’d really need to hide from the kids.

Thanks to Gerry Tolbert for audio editing!

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