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‘The Wheel of Time’ to Become Television Series

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Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time

It appears as though the rumors circling the halls of JordanCon, the Robert Jordan fan convention, last week¬†have finally been revealed to be true.¬†Robert Jordan’s widow, Harriet McDougal, has revealed the rights to the iconic fantasy series are out of legal limbo, and The Wheel of Time series will become a “cutting edge TV series.” Dragonmount, a Jordan fan community shared the message from “Team Jordan” via Twitter:


Tor, longtime publishers of The Wheel of Time series are substantiating the report, but offer no additional news and temper fans that the news does not necessarily mean a show is ready for production, but that the rights are now clear to do so. In a post Lord of The Rings and Game of Thrones world, it’s hard to see why The Wheel of Time series had yet to be fully realized as a movie or television production, but hopefully the path is now clear to start that journey. GeekDad will keep you updated as more news is released.

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5 thoughts on “‘The Wheel of Time’ to Become Television Series

  1. Let’s hope this ends up on HBO/Showtime/etc. or Amazon/Netflix/etc. If it’s on a network or even a non-premium cable network, it’s going to be a big pile of suck. Maybe HBO wants it since GoT will end in 2018?

  2. Not sure how this will play out since the series isn’t really over? I’ve read all of the books and the last one was a bit hard to get through. Of course it may not matter since TV tends to meander away from the plot of the books (Walking Dead, GOT) but keeps the underlying idea alive.

    1. What do you mean the series isn’t over? It has been finished for a while now. “A Memory of Light” was the final book and released 3 years ago. Brandon Sanderson wrote the final book(s) using what Robert Jordan already wrote coupled with all of his notes (which from what Brandon Sanderson said, were ridiculously and meticulously detailed.) Maybe you’re confusing WoT with GoT in which all of the books haven’t been written.

  3. Maeve: What do you mean the series isn’t over? I thought Memory of Light was the final book.

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