Tynies Want Your Heart and Space on Your Shelf

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tyniesWhen we were kids, my oldest sibling used to have a shelf of tiny glass figures. She’d pick them up on road trips and collect them. The makers of Tynies must have had a pretty similar experience because they’ve taken the same style of glass sculpture and reduced them. They’ve also targeted them at kids. Yes, that’s right. They want your kids to play with glass.

The trick is the interlocking packaging the Tynies come in. These are able to be used as building toys. So you basically get a playable, collectible clam-shell. It’s an interesting idea for some people, but a tad pricey for a casual toy. But this isn’t meant to be played with as much as it’s meant to be collected.They’re going for the Beanie Baby market more than the Shopkins crowd. It will be interesting to see if they take off.

Note: I received two free Tynies to review. My 15-year-old daughter immediately claimed them. So maybe they’re on to something.

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