Study Yourself With ‘Thin Slices of Anxiety’

Image: Chronicle Books
Image: Chronicle Books

I know I’m not alone in having anxiety. Many of us have it. We think too much, especially about the worst case scenario. External and internal factors cause us to be agitated, whether we show it or not. Sometimes it can be debilitating; at other times, it forms the background, laying a foundation for our day.

The author of Thin Slices of Anxiety: Observations and Advice to Ease a Worried Mind has similar experiences. The book is a narrative. It might look like each page just has a little bit of inspiring text, but the book reads like one cohesive thought from start to finish, regardless of chapter breaks. Easily read in one sitting (like, a very quick sitting), Thin Slices of Anxiety can be an occasional balm to your anxiety. And the cover is so darn cute.

This book addresses anxiety that comes and goes with specific triggers rather than anxiety that is constantly there but rises and lowers somewhat. Still, most anxious people will find something useful in this book—whether anxiety is brought on by a trigger or it is ever-present—even if it’s just to identify themselves in one of the pictures or drawings.

Image: Chronicle Books
Image: Chronicle Books

Me, for instance. Even though my anxiety is pretty much always there, it does spike. In the triggers for anxiety, I see myself in #4: Collecting Responsibilities. I collect too many. When I have a spare moment, I fill it up with more tasks, more things that have to get done. All of these things are actually important, but they fill up my time so I have no time left for relaxation (read: peace).

Thin Slices of Anxiety is a great read when you need your regular reminder to stay in tune with yourself, your body, and your mind. Pay attention to your triggers and learn to minimize them. See if you can thinly slice your emotions and get to the bottom of your anxiety. What makes you anxious? How can you keep it to a dull roar? You know yourself best, though, so seek whatever other resources or help you need to coexist with your anxiety in a healthy way. But this book can be a fun, fresh bit of bliss.

Note: I received a copy of this book for review purposes.

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