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EasyAcc’s All-Weather Power Bank: For the Techie Woodsman

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When EasyAcc suggested their all-weather battery to me, I sort of shrugged. I’m always on the lookout for new batteries, and words like rugged and waterproof are usually good indicators that I’m less likely to do something stupid and break it. When I receive such “rugged” devices, I’m usually unsurprised to find that they’re really quite similar to their “un-rugged” counterparts, with an additional layer of waterproofing or rubber bits protecting the ports.

EasyAcc Battery Ports

When I received EasyAcc’s all-weather battery, I realized that their focus group must have actually included people who went outside. The device is rugged (without quotes) to an extent that actually makes it less appealing for situations that don’t call for its ruggedness, due to the extra size and weight. The ports are protected by a waterproof hatch, which does its job so well that it’s actually a pain to open sometimes. Most telling, and slightly amusing to me, is that in addition to the carabiner, the battery came with a compass that attaches to it. I don’t know if it’s accurate or not. I’m not enough of an outdoorsman to have much use for a compass.

EasyAcc Battery Compass

Aesthetically, it’s not the prettiest of the batteries that I’ve used, but it’s appealing for a parent of the very young child. As every parent knows, anything and everything is stuck in the mouth of a child up to a certain age. This battery has ended up in my daughter’s mouth more than once but, because it’s so solidly designed and is sealed well enough that she can’t open it, there’s no risk for her or the battery.

My only “wish” for this product would be a second charging port, for the greater needs of tablets. I don’t often need my portable battery to charge something as large as a tablet, but it would be nice to know that it could if I wanted it to. Otherwise, I highly suggest this battery. If you’re looking for something that’ll take whatever you throw at it, EasyAcc’s 9000 mAh All-Weather Outdoor Power Bank is a good option at $25.99.

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