Improve Your Podcast’s Audio, Your Layup, and Your Wifi With Today’s Daily Deals

Daily Deal Geek Culture


We’ve studiously avoided April Fools jokes on GeekDad today, and we’re not about to start with the daily deals.

This is a specialized tool, but it’s awesome for anyone who records audio at home, especially podcasters. It’s an acoustic microphone audio isolation shield, meant to reduce the ambient noise that your mic pics up, as well as eliminating any voice echoes the surfaces your room might create, insuring your audio comes in clear and distinct. It’s on sale today for just $41.

Save up to 50% off select Adidas basketball shoes and those clunky-but-popular sandals everyone seems to wear with socks (shudder).

The Linksys MAX-STREAM AC1900 Next Gen AC MU-MIMO Smart Wi-Fi Router combines the latest Wifi-ac specification with multi-band antennae (the proper plural of antenna!) to feed blazing fast data speeds to every device in your home (or at least as blazing fast as your Internet provider, um, provides). And you can get it today for 20% off list.

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