Daily LEGO: Honey, I’ll be in My LEGO Room

Geek Culture

I know of a few dozen LEGO sets in my home, comprising a few hundred – perhaps even a thousand bricks worth of creative fun.  I imagine there are members of this blogging community who can beat that cold.  However none of us, I think, can match Matt "Monsterbrick" Armstrong.

I don’t want to point to any of his wonderful creations today.  No.  Rather, I want to show you the images of his LEGO room, as posted on his Flickr page.  All the walls are adorned with various LEGO memorabilia, and the shelves hold numerous completed constructs.  And look, there in the middle of the room is what appears to be a child’s wading pool filled with bricks.  Who amongst us couldn’t loose ourselves for hours in such a den of creative joy?  Bravo, sir!

Link to Matt Armstrong’s Flickr pool.

Found via the Brothers Brick.

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