GeekDad Puzzle of the Week Solution: Presidents’ Day 2012

Geek Culture

Many thanks to everyone who submitted a response to this past Monday’s Geekdad Puzzle of the Week that celebrated Presidents’ Day.

The puzzle as presented:

In honor of President’s Day, the picture below (when properly decoded) spells out a rather presidential question. Send your answer to this question to GeekDad Puzzle Central for a chance at this week’s $50.00 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate.

The solution, as presented by Kevin Harbin in terms of the puzzle itself:

When decoded, each Presidents’ successive number (George Washington = 1, etc.) maps to a letter. A simple “mod 26” was applied to all Presidents starting with William Howard Taft (#27 -> 1.)

The query “Most Common Presidential First Name” was correctly answered “James” by most everyone that replied!

Congratulations to Mark Demers for submitting a correct entry and winning the “random drawing.” Your Thinkgeek Gift Certificate will be on its way very soon. Those of us not lucky enough to be Mark can take advantage of a $10 off a $50 order from Thinkgeek if we use the coupon code GEEKDAD37MD.

Have a great week, and enjoy Garth’s “highbrow” puzzle!

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