Acquisitions Inc PAX East 2016

Another gut-busting episode of Acquisitions Incorporated has come to an end at PAX East 2016. This episode began with a twist as Mike Krahulik took the reins and ran the game. Stepping down from DMing for this session, Chris Perkins took a player seat, playing the famous two-scimitared Drow as the Acquisitions Incorporated team attended Jim Darkmagic’s 40th birthday-murder-mystery party. You’ll have to watch the episode to catch the second exciting twist. The session ended two-and-a-half hours later with a wealth of new catchphrases and antics for the bards to forever immortalize.

Chris Perkins’ masterful dungeon mastering always leaves me inspired to improve my own DMing abilities. The skills demonstrated in this session of Acquisitions Incorporated were no different. After watching this entertaining session, you too will want to get back to the RPG table, as a player or DM.

In addition to the new must-see adventure we were treated to an exciting announcement. Acquisitions Incorporated is now a web series, coming this June. Check out the teaser trailer! Don’t forget to watch the whole PAX East 2016 episode, and while you’re waiting for more awesome episodes of Acquisitions Inc., play as the characters on Card Hunter, or catch up with old episodes with this YouTube playlist.

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