A Refresh and a Resurgence: GeekDad + GeekMom

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GeekDad and GeekMom

Hello, readers of GeekDad AND GeekMom! Welcome to the new place; we’re so glad you could stop by!

It has always been the goal for the team at GeekDad to build a thing we could be proud of. Today we’d like to present you with the next step in that process. And technically, though this is the fourth version of the GeekDad design since 2007, this is also kind of a new beginning, a 1.0 after a long beta period for the blog since we’ve been on our own, and also because of the other big deal today.

GeekDad is an inclusive place for all geeky parents. While our partner site GeekMom has flourished for many years as a separate entity, recently we asked the question: “Could we be stronger together than apart?” We think the answer is “yes,” and as such, GeekMom is merging editorial staff and management with GeekDad, so we can offer our readers even broader perspectives on geeky parenting.

Besides that, we’re bringing back some old friends–or new versions of old friends. The new GeekDad robots are a fresh take on one of our old designs, representing geeky parents in all their many splendid forms and combinations.

Hopefully, you’ll like the new site design as well. It’s cleaner (and faster) than the last version. We are very grateful to our designer, Jules, from Skookum Monkey Hosting and Design, who has done all the heavy lifting to refresh our site, and merge two very active blogs into one super-mecha-blog. Also big thanks to Dr. GeekDad (Gerry Tolbert) for his work on the new GeekDad robots.

That’s all the big news. More content from more geeky parents on a better, stronger, faster website; we hope you enjoy it!


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