Kickstarter Alert: ‘My First Science Textbook’

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Protons and Neutrons Cover

Genius Games, creator of many successful science-based games, has now turned to children’s books with the My First Science Textbook series.

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Pete the Proton

The first book in the My First Science Textbook series, Protons and Neutrons, is a great little book to introduce kids to some fundamental concepts about science. Pete the Proton is your child’s guide into the realm of subatomic particles. The art is very cute and inviting, and the writing is very approachable for young readers with cute rhymes to help kids get these fundamental basics.

Six Protons and Neutrons in Carbon

The book introduces some basic concepts like the Periodic Table of Elements, atomic numbers, neutrons, the strong force, proton and electron attraction, and even nuclear fission while never getting too detailed about any of them to throw off the youngest of readers. Protons and Neutrons is a really great stepping-off point for more involved conversations as your child gets older and more curious about these concepts. It’s never to early to get them thinking about these things!

Protons and Neutrons plus Electrons

The second and third volumes, Electrons and The Atom, will continue along the same lines–further expanding and introducing concepts about the building blocks of our world. The My First Science Textbook series was created and edited by John Coveyou, written by Mary Wissinger, and illustrated by Harriet Kim Anh Rodis. John Coveyou has successfully launched several science-based tabletop games, and, while publishing a book is a little different, he knows how to run and deliver a successful crowdfunding campaign.

There are both e-book and hard copy pledge levels available along with classroom bundles to get several copies in bulk. If you know a budding scientist or two, or a classroom that could benefit from some toddler science books, check out the campaign today!

In our opinion, introducing children to science and critical thinking as early as possible is essential to the future of the planet. I’ve been a vocal proponent of Grandmother Fish, a book about evolution for children, and I will be happy to see the My First Science Textbook series on the shelf right next to it.

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  1. Bring terms and concepts like “proton” and “atomic numbers” into a kid’s vocabulary through story time?! Yes!

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