'Grandmother Fish' Goes Mainstream

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GrandmotherFish-NewCoverGrandmother Fish is an amazing, beautiful, and wonderfully written book to help teach young children about evolution.

GrandmotherFish-FishI wrote a full review of Grandmother Fish after its successful (after only two days) Kickstarter campaign. Our whole family loves this book, and my two-year-old already has some fundamental understanding of evolution and the connectedness of all animals. There are only a handful of books that my son asks for again and again after a couple of weeks of reading, and Grandmother Fish is still at the top of his list.

So why am I writing again? Macmillan has acquired the rights to Grandmother Fish and will be publishing the book this fall, but you can pre-order the book now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or direct from Macmillan. Ordering your copy today helps tell the publisher that you care about teaching the next generation about important topics like evolution.

GrandmotherFish-HumansGrandmother Fish is a great, fun read by Jonathan Tweet. The book has a very high level view of evolution and extra educational, deeper-dive materials for parents to answer questions their child may have or to expound on some of the concepts as children get older and even more curious. The playful, yet detailed, artwork by Karen Lewis is the perfect companion to the story as it illustrates all of the concepts very well while being very kid friendly.

GrandmotherFish-MapIf you missed out on the Kickstarter, now is the perfect chance to secure yourself a copy. Make sure you order a few copies as gifts as well! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with Grandmother Fish and neither will your child.

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3 thoughts on “'Grandmother Fish' Goes Mainstream

  1. I LOVE this book – the First Edition. I am preordering now for the little people in my life.

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