Mattresses and Pillows, New Balance Shoes, and Backup Power Are Your Comfortable Daily Deals

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Daily Deals 032916

Many things can give you comfort. Today, we suggest some daily deals, including a new memory foam mattress and pillows, new shoes from New Balance (double-new!), and battery back-up for your electronics (because peace of mind is comforting, too).

Save 45% on any size of Gel Memory Foam 10 inch Mattress Made in the USA by ExceptionalSheets. Pair this with a 4-pack of Perfect Fit pillows for under $40.

And get fit and active while saving 40% and more off New Balance shoes and athletic wear.

Check out this selection of UPS (uninterruptible power sources), surge protectors, and portable batteries from APC, all for up to 50% off!


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