GBBP 57: Amy Ratcliffe

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 57: Amy Ratcliffe

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This week, it’s a good ol’ fashioned geekout as we welcome Amy Ratcliffe to the show. Amy is a diehard Star Wars fan who is a regular contributor to sites such as, Nerdist, Comic Book Resources, and her own site Geek with Curves (among many others). She’s also a contributing writer for Star Wars Insider magazine.

On the show, we discuss favorite (and not-so-favorite) conventions, geek icons, our feelings about the terms fanboy and fangirl, and making a living as a writer of stuff. We also spend much of the time geeking out about Star Wars, talking Legends, viewing order, The Force Awakens, and Episodes 8 and 9.

We round out the conversation with a discussion of our favorite Disney Parks attractions (they’re oh-so obscure) and most awkward fan moments.

Listen in and enjoy!


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  1. Having issue with the podcast player since the site got revamped. On both FireFox and IE there is only a play/pause arrow. When I pause while playing the podcast restarts when I hit play again. There is no progress meter to allow for fast-forwarding/rewinding, like there was on the old format.

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