Lammily Dolls Model Realistic Body Image for Kids

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Photographer Lammily, Boy Lammily, and Girl Lammily. Photo: Lammily

Two years ago I wrote about Lammily, a doll made with average proportions, unlike most of the super-skinny, extra-tall girl dolls that you see in the toy store. Artist Nickolay Lamm had created an “Average Barbie” image that went viral, and that eventually led to the creation of an actual doll that you can buy.

Lammily boy
Photo: Lammily

Since then, Lammily’s wardrobe has expanded, and she has a new friend, a photographer who happens to be a woman of color. And now, there’s a crowdfunding campaign to create a boy Lammily doll as well–again, realistically proportioned and based on the average 19-year-old male.

Ken and Lammily
Ken and Lammily, side by side. Image: Lammily

As you can see, Lammily is not quite as tall and isn’t as chiseled, but probably looks a bit more like many of the guys you know. His facial features are also less exaggerated. The other nice thing about the Lammily dolls is that they have a lot more articulation than Barbies–you can move their wrists and ankles, and the knees and elbows also bend (even though you can’t see the joint).

Often when we talk about dolls and body image, we’re concerned about girls and how they see themselves, but the truth is that boys are also presented with unrealistic expectations of being musclebound heroes. Lammily may be a great way to start that conversation.

For more information about Lammily, visit the crowdfunding page.

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