Kickstarter Alert: The Edge Collapsible, Ergonomic Desk

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Historically speaking, there hasn’t been that much serious innovation when it comes to desks. Oh, you can get a desk now that goes up and down so you can choose to stand or sit, and there are all sorts of desk chairs with various kinds of fabric and available adjustments. But basically, a desk is still a piece of furniture that just takes up space when not in use, and which people regularly sit at for hours at a stretch trying to be productive (or to have fun) while trying not to get too uncomfortable.

The Edge Desk is meant to solve both of these problems. It’s a chair and desk in one unit, with a kneeling seat that lets your legs take enough of your weight that your back won’t ache after a long coding or writing session. The desk is adjustable to different heights and angles, so can accommodate most sizes of people. Best of all, when you’re not using it, you can collapse the whole thing into a small enough shape you could store it under your bed or in a closet. The desk space is fairly small, but big enough that it could serve artists and designers well, and while it obviously wouldn’t work well for a desktop computer, it’s perfect for a laptop.

I haven’t yet had a chance to sit at an Edge Desk, but as a software engineer, a writer, and an editor, I spend a lot of time in front of a screen, so I’m anxious to give it a try. The Kickstarter for the desk, which still has 38 days to go as of this writing, has already surpassed its goal and has raised over $180,000. At the moment, $299 will still get you an Edge Desk (they say their ultimate retail price will be $499) with an estimated delivery of October 2016. The Kickstarter mentions that a lot of useful accessories will be available for the desk (and you can see sketches of some) at some point after the campaign is over; they include things like a cup holder, a smartphone mount, a tablet mount, speakers for your tunes or your Skype calls, and a few other nifty things (see the photo at the top of this article to get an idea how they’ll work). For more information, check out their Kickstarter video below.

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  1. This desk looks really cool. Went over to the Kickstarter and their site and looks like they’re only taking waiting list spots. Must have so many pre-orders they are already sold out of first run. Going to keep an eye on this product. Could make a great one for a future in depth review.

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