Alton Brown Jet Cream

Watch Culinary Mad Scientist Alton Brown Create a Gallon of Ice Cream in 10 Seconds

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Alton Brown Jet Cream
“Lick it” (Image courtesy of Popular Science)

You have full access to a hardware store and a mission to make a full gallon of chocolate ice cream in 10 seconds. Do you know how you’d go about it?

Time’s up! Did you figure it out? No worries, culinary mad scientist Alton Brown has the issue worked out for you. As his 2016 “Eat Your Science” live tour ramps up, Alton Brown has been making the rounds online, showcasing some pieces that audience members will get to enjoy in person (with his patented short video panache). Those of you that were lucky enough to see Brown on his “Edible Inevitable” tour may remember the “Jet Cream.” It’s a crazy water cooler, duct tape, fire extinguisher, and CO2 canister contraption that, through the magic of science, makes a gallon of carbonated chocolate ice cream in just 10 seconds.

While all of that sounds crazy enough to get me to watch the video already, Alton Brown’s showmanship is what sells it. I dare you not to at least crack a smile when he goes Machiavellian on his assistant at the end of the clip.

You can see the original post from Popular Science here. To find out if Alton Brown is bringing the magic of food science to your town, hit up the “Eat Your Science” tour page right here.

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