Is The World Ready For A LEGO Movie?

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Back in August when LEGO first announced their intentions I was skeptical. New information released this month gives me a little hope, but just a little.

LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers will be a direct to DVD release. The premise of the movie sets the LEGO Organization as a sort of benevolent group that innovates, builds civilizations, keeps knowledge, and defends freedom. The antagonist is an evil wizard by the name of Mallock who has escaped from (an obviously not innovative enough) prison and threatens the planet Ashlar. Clutch Powers leads a special unit of select operatives on a mission to capture Mallock and save the planet.

Look for it in stores around the end of February or pre-order it on Amazon: Lego: Adventures of Clutch Powers

At the time of the first press release, our own Matt Blum asked: “Have They Gone Too Far This Time?” I’m curious, in light of the new information, do you think the world is ready for a LEGO movie?

Is The World Ready For A LEGO Movie?(surveys)

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