Kickstarter Gadgets 031216

7 Splendid New Gadget Kickstarter Projects This Week

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Kickstarter Gadgets 031216

Cubetto – Hands on coding for ages 3 and up
So kids can learn programming concepts without staring at a screen.

Tovala: The Smart Oven That Makes Home Cooking Easy
Talks to your phone, scans meals that you get through a food-delivery plan.

WebEye VR: The World’s First Virtual Reality Webcam
For a wide-angle stereoscopic view of a faraway place.

Enflux Smart Clothing: 3D Workout Tracking and Form Feedback
Ten motion sensors feed data to an app, so you can tell if you’re working out right.

VIE SHAIR: Pain-Free Social Headphones
Little frames hold these away from your ears, directional speakers focus the sound.

BRAIN One: Performance Tracking System for Motorcyclists
Nice telemetry and video device that also works for motocross, snowboarding, etc.

meQuanics: The Quantum Computer Game
A game that crowdsources the programming of quantum computers? Minds blown.

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