Kickstarter Gadgets 032416

10 Amazing New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter Gadgets 032416

Bento Lab: A DNA laboratory for everybody

Is there horsemeat in your hamburger? Find out with this cute lab kit.


Loopa – The world’s first looper microphone

Beatbox and sing along with multiple iterations of yourself.


Atmo Sfera Platterless Turntable

Italians come up with a sculptural solution to the problem of spinning vinyl.


LiftUp: A modern resistance band that tracks your workout

Motion and force sensors count your reps and measure strength.


Brixo – Building Blocks Meet Electricity and IoT

Sensor-laden Lego-ish blocks that conduct electricity and speak Bluetooth.


Neopenda: Wearable Vital Signs Monitor for Newborns

Headed for field tests in Uganda, this system can keep tabs on a roomful of babies.


The future of SUP: Self-inflating SipaBoards Air

A stand-up paddleboard that pumps itself up, shrinks down to backpack size.


Video Equations: Colour Video Synthesizer

“Visions of an 80’s techno dream and worlds of crashing computer programs…”


MakerGirl Goes Mobile: Introducing STEM through 3-D Printing

U. of Illinois students build a “3D printing lab on wheels” to reach rural communities.


Svaha STEAM Angels: Smart Dresses for Smart Women

JavaScript as fashion statement.

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