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BookofColoring-FeaturedAdult coloring books have become a very hot trend, but The Book of Coloringthe latest from AndHeGames, has a unique new twist–all of the pages can be taken out an assembled in to a large work of art. But that’s not all, each page’s design flows into any other page in whatever orientation you’d like. You get to decide how to assemble your finished work of art (or even multiple smaller works of art).

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The six sample pages I was sent arranged in a rectangle. Photo by Will James.

My wife and I have both jumped onto the coloring book wagon recently, and I love it. My entire family used to sit around coloring for hours when I was growing up and I love the nostalgia and calm that both come with sitting down with a coloring book. The problem is that I’m not quite sure what to do with the finished pages. The Book of Coloring solves that dilemma.

The six samples I was sent arranged completely differently. Photo by Will James.

I was sent six initial pages (just printed out copies, not indicative of the final quality) and they are beautiful. Every page is hand drawn and designed so that the pages flow perfectly together but not in any specific order. So when you’re finished coloring, your creativity isn’t done–tear out the pages and arrange them however you sit fit. You can make a big rectangle, a big square, more organic shapes–anything you want!

My son decided to color his page with dot markers. Photo by Will James.

You can even tear out pages and hand them to everyone in the family so everyone can contribute to the final piece of art. My son and I both did a page and had a blast coloring together. We’ll add in some pages from my wife and my niece as well before we’re through.

Our finished pages–mine on the left, his on the right. Photo by Will James.

The finished book will contain 32 pages with four more pages added as stretch goals for every $6000 raised. And what’s better is that every backer will also get full access to PDF versions of all the pages so once you buy the book, you can print and color pages as much as you want. This is the best coloring book deal out there.

Our same pages arranged differently. Photo by Will James.

To learn more about the campaign and get on board, head over the The Book of Coloring Kickstarter. To learn more about Andrew Miller, AndHeGames, and his last successful project, you can check out my past review and interview with him about The Cloud Dungeon.

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