Watch a Teaser for Disney’s Latest Live-Action Remake; ‘Pete’s Dragon’


Behold the teaser for Disney’s newest live-action remake; Pete’s Dragon. This is just one of the many live-action remakes Disney has on its docket, which includes new takes on classics like The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, DumboPinocchio and others. I enjoyed Maleficent and Kenneth Branagh’s live-action Cinderella, so I’m onboard for these remakes as long as they continue to work. Even though it instantly draws some comparisons to How To Train Your Dragon, the new Pete’s Dragon still looks fun, and similar in tone to some of the great 80’s live-action films put out by Disney.

Here’s your first look…

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3 thoughts on “Watch a Teaser for Disney’s Latest Live-Action Remake; ‘Pete’s Dragon’

  1. A small quibble about the title of the post – this is just a straight-up remake, not a “live action” one as the original movie was already live action with animated elements (just as this is).

    As for my thoughts on the trailer (as someone who saw PETE’S DRAGON in 1977 as a 4 year-old): While I think the movie is ripe for a remake (it’s fairly bland and dated), I’m pretty sure this is not taking the right tact with the story. I don’t see anyone clamoring for gritty Pete and more realistic Eliot (and that dragon is looking overly realistic). Part of the charm of the original is the fact that Pete and Eliot are friends, and Pete is just as likely (if not more so) to get Eliot out of trouble as Eliot is to get Pete out of trouble (or further into it). I’m not sure I’m seeing that whimsy in this. It’s looking more like one of the dragons from ASOIAF got loose and wandered into New England.

  2. I agree, that seems so far from the tone of the original movie. I liked the way that Pete was a scamp who was sort of battling real school problems more than lost in the woods problems (and the whole disappearing dragon didn’t help matters much).

    I wonder why they chose not to make this a musical. I think a Disney live action musical would do great and Pete’s dragon would be a good vehicle for it because it has some name recognition, but not many people who could sing the whole soundtrack who would be upset about new songs.

    Great now I am singing that weird song about dragon parts being sold “money, money, money by the pound there’s enough of him to go around”

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