A High-Output Phone Charger and a Wifi Range Extender Are Your Amazon Daily Deals

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Everyone needs a battery device charger in their go-bag, and today’s is a great deal. It’s rated at 16,750mAh, which is enough to charge most devices more that twice. Plus, it delivers faster charging with a smart system that will feed up to 4.5 amps, meaning you don’t have to wait as long to get back in the game (double-plus: it’ll act as a flashlight, too!). And today it’s only $24! Check out the deal here!

Tired of there being corners of your house where the wifi just doesn’t work? Are the kids complaining they “can’t get their homework done” because the wifi is weak? Pick up one (or more) of these Netgear wifi-extenders, and you can add an extra hotspot wherever you have a free power outlet. Today they’re on sale for just $30 each!


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