Ghostheads Documentary Movie

Kickstarter Alert: ‘Ghostheads,’ A Ghostbuster Fan Documentary

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Ghostheads Documentary Movie

Excitement for Ghostbusters is currently in full swing, but let’s be honest, it never really went away, did it? After the blockbuster movie debuted in 1984, it created a legion of fans who have supported the franchise through the intervening years by making their own costumes, supporting charities, forming their own fan groups, and more. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know that this summer will bring with it even more of a reason for those fans to rejoice. Oh, sure, they’re rebooting the entire franchise with a new Ghostbusters movie, but I’m talking about a new documentary film celebrating the entire fandom – Ghostheads.

Ghostbusters Cast Members for Ghostheads Documentary

Trying to capture exactly what magic formula Ghostbusters had to make it resonate with so many people is hard, but it becomes a little bit easier when you’re able to hear directly from nearly everyone involved in making the iconic movie, which Ghostheads does. A quick list of folks interviewed in this film range from Director Ivan Reitman, writer and star Dan Aykroyd, and cast members Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson, William Atherton, Kurt Fuller, and more! While the movie may be packed with tons of star power, the spotlight is actually on the fans themselves. From visiting sick children in hospitals and cheering up kids at birthday parties to marching in parades and finding camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts, Ghostbusters fandom runs deep.

The majority of the film project is already complete, and this Kickstarter is to help fund the post-production costs. Animation, sound correcting, licensing fees, and film festival fees rack up the majority of the costs the Kickstarter campaign hopes to alleviate.  In order to raise more than $30,000 production costs, the filmmakers are offering some sweet perks, including signed ECTO-1 automotive license plates, producer credits, the ubiquitous t-shirt, copies of the finished film, and more!

The pedigree of the film seems to be secure with director and genuine Ghosthead Brendan Mertens, producer Lee Leshen (Back In Time) and Adam F. Goldberg (ABC’s The Goldbergs) at the helm. The film advertises a summer release, which will be a great companion to the new Paul Feig-directed movie (did I mention he’s in Ghostheads, too?!) premiering around the same time. So strap on your proton pack, check out Ghostheads, and cross the streams if you’re feelin’ lucky.

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